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08 January 2018

Emma joins our team

Meet Emma - one of our amazing senior designers. She's one of those cleverly creative people, who can make anything look good, but with a purpose. As well as a designer she's a tea drinker, print lover, drawer, road cyclist, photographer, baker, trav...

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Auckland branding campaign for Eden Park in Auckland by Q Brand Agency NZ

25 May 2017

Q launch Eden Park Campaign

Today we are celebrating the launch of our latest campaign – the branding of the ‘Our Neighbourhood’ project for Auckland’s Eden Park. For the past few months we've worked alongside the team at Eden Park and photographer, Lee Howell, to design the br...

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laptop Q Brand Agency Creative Marketing Agency Christchurch

07 February 2017

Top 8 considerations when choosing your agency

In today’s world your brand is more than just a logo.  It represents who you are, and how you want to be perceived by the people who interact with it.  So it’s now more essential than ever that you find the right branding partner.  You don’t want to ...

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Q Brand Agency office in Christchurch - New Zealand brand company - Senior Designer Wanted

14 October 2016

Senior Designer wanted

We're looking for a Senior Designer / Creative to join our team. Being a Senior Designer, you have the experience.  You understand the requirements of the industry.  You know the drill.  If you're a nice person and good at what you do. Please apply. ...

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facebook best award - NZ Best Design Awards Finalist - 2016 - Q Brand Agency - Christchurch marketing company

09 August 2016

NZ Best Design Awards Finalist - 2016

The NZ design awards were established in the mid seventies to celebrate New Zealand’s best graphic design. Now known as the Best Design Awards, they are one of the most recognised and celebrated award platforms in the New Zealand design industry.  Th...

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Westland Brand Folder Chinese - Top 6 tips for doing business in China - Q Brand Agency - Christchurch Advertising company

09 August 2016

Top 6 tips for doing business in China

Launching clients into China has definitely been a steep learning curve over the past few years. But it is an amazing and insightful process to go through, so we wanted to share some of our knowledge and learnings.  Here are our top 6 tips for doing ...

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Q Brand Agency Jo Tupai Creagh photo - Our latest Strategic Team member - Christchurch marketing company

27 July 2016

Our latest Strategic Team member

Jo is the latest wee gem to join our Q team. As part of our strategic client team, she will be working with a number of our clients providing strategic support, digital advice and a level of sanity that only a star Account Director can provide! So is...

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Q Brand Agency User Generated - Why marketers are moving to User Generated Content

16 June 2016

Why marketers are moving to User Generated Content?

The way we spend our marketing dollars, the way we interact with our audience, and the places in which they learn about products and services has changed dramatically over the past five years - and even more so in the last two. All good advertising i...

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14 April 2016

Getting amongst the vineyard

Getting amongst the vines at one of New Zealand's most unique and exciting vineyards was a true please.  Blenheim sunshine, stunning scenery and a great crew of staff made the long days working on video, 360 video and photography a true pleasure.  Wa...

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22 February 2016

Q delves into sponsorship

Other than the special charity organisations we work with, we haven't delved into sponsorship in the past.  But we thought we'd give it a go.  It's not what most of our client's would expect, but it's a big passion of Richie our Director, so we thoug...

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18 February 2016

What would you do if you won $10,000?

We had a blast earlier this year, travelling the South Island shooting for two of our favourite clients.  One, a video for the chinese consumer market, the second a national TV ad to drive sales.   With a team of producers, directors, photographers a...

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5 automated email marketing tips - for smart marketers - Q Brand Agency Design Marketing Branding Company Christchurch New Zealand

10 February 2016

5 automated email marketing tips - for smart marketers

Statistics continue to come out about the benefits of creating specific automated emails to send to your database to increase open rates and ongoing engagement.  There is nothing more frustrating as a consumer when you sign up to receive corresponden...

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2016 Creative Trend Report - Q Brand Agency New Zealand strategic marketing company Christchurch

28 January 2016

2016 Creative Trend Report

These creative trend reports are always a fascinating read.  From photography to video, it outlines the predicted trends in the world of design and creativity for 2016.  Through understanding and analysing consumer search habits, Shutterstock manage ...

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27 October 2015

Doubling our client's Facebook likes - in 2 days!

When we set benchmarks for Exotic Food prior to the campaign starting, we wanted to double their Facebook likes in the first three months.  But after launching the campaign over the weekend, they have nearly doubled in just two days!  Pretty cool and...

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Holiday Marketing Tips - be inspired! Q Brand Agency New Zealand Design and Marketing company Christchurch New Zealand

15 October 2015

Holiday Marketing Tips - be inspired!

We can't believe the holiday season is nearly upon us, but we know that even though 2015 has gone extremely fast, that the holiday season means sunshine, laughter, summer fruit and time at the beach - what more could you want!  But lets not forget th...

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IFTTT - Create your own phone & app recipes - Q Brand Agency New Zealand advertising company in Christchurch

15 July 2015

IFTTT - Create your own phone & app recipes

IFTTT?  Is it another BTW, FYI, BFF?  Well, sort of.  IF THIS THEN THAT is a cool online portal to help you make your life, use of your phone and social media posts more effective, automated and helpful to you! There are recipes for taking your phone...

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Make content creation easier on yourself - Q Brand Agency Branding company in Christchurch New Zealand

14 July 2015

Make content creation easier on yourself

We know that trying to create new content for news, blogs or email marketing can be hard.  Finding new ideas, writing engaging content and making it all look interesting can make us feel a little out of our depth. But it doesn't need to.  Engaging co...

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Reduce your emails, get Feedly - Q Brand Agency specialising in design branding and advertising in Christchurch New Zealand

22 May 2015

Reduce your emails, get Feedly...

As marketing people we tend to subscribe to a lot of email marketing to learn, and stay on top of the latest industry trends.  But the emails tend to get lost in the mix of the hundreds we get each week.  But we've discovered the coolest and easiest ...

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18 May 2015

Give your brand some personality

Brands aren’t just about pretty pictures and cool logos, there is a key dimension that is often forgot, but which can make a brand stand out.  Here’s a hint: As people we always want to be true to ourselves, to our DNA, and the personality which we h...

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Increasing your Pinterest engagement - Q Brand Agency Christchurch strategic advertising and marketing company in New Zealand

15 May 2015

Increasing your Pinterest engagement

Pinterest engagement increased by another 8% last year, and brands are starting to really understand how to increase engagement with their customers.  This article provides some great tips including in-situ imagery, creative typography and the use of...

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15 May 2015

Behind the scenes - on set

We've recently been out and about in some of New Zealand's most stunning locations filming TV commercials and still photography for an upcoming campaign.  Across 4 days, with a crew of 15 our team have been creating magic.  Here's a snapshot of some ...

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Fundraising Award - Q Brand Agency Christchurch web design company in New Zealand

15 May 2015

Fundraising Award

One of our favourite charity clients, and the team behind them have just won an Award at the New Zealand Fundraising Institute Awards.  Along with our team at Q developing the campaign creative, and supporting the team at Cholmondeley Children's Cent...

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