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Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism's Pockets of Awesome videos were such a hit, that they decided to extend the campaign nationally through specialised media channels. With a young target demographic, this campaign featured user generated photography, and had over 10,000 website hits in just two weeks.

When reviewing the objectives we realised this campaign had to be simple to engage with the target market, get their attention and drive them to take action straight away.

Pockets of Awesome campaign Project - Q Brand Agency - Christchurch strategic advertising company New Zealand

The campaign

Pockets of Awesome was created to target young New Zealanders who felt that Christchurch had little to offer. The original video series was such a hit that we helped them to create a campaign to extend it's success on a national level. Covering online, social media, outdoor, cafe and mall media this campaign creative was very simple, showing real user generated images of small pockets of awesome within Christchurch. And although simple, it was real, and created intrigue into what was 'happening' in Christchurch.


“#pocketsofawesome ran for a short two weeks, but generated over 10,000 website hits, over 500 competition entries, and user engagement levels of over two minutes on the site. ”

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