This brief for this project was simple - showcase a unique development which is almost “built by hand”, designed and inspired by a special vision. The Tannery is a development based on craftsmanship and authenticity which pays respect to the heritage and buildings of the area, but which brings something different to the Christchurch retail environment. The Tannery is one of Christchurch's earliest heritage sites, but is now an exceptional boutique shopping experience. Located alongside the historic Heathcote River, the restored Tannery possessed an architectural history synonymous with the area in the late 1800s and early 1900s – the saw-tooth roofline.

The Tannery logotype  Project - Q Brand Agency - Christchurch strategic advertising company New Zealand

The brand

Drawing on it's history, and architectural significance, the logotype was developed to play homage to the area and design elements from the past, but with a modern feel. It integrated the saw-tooth rooflines within the logo in a simple and stylish form.

Tannery road sign design - Q Brand Agency New Zealand branding agency

Tannery wall sign Q Brand Agency New Zealand branding agency

The Tannery signage - New Zealand branding agency - Q Brand Agency

business card design  Christchurch marketing company Q Brand Agency

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