The Woolston Market concept is one of your ‘local grocer’. A concept and store, which has everything shoppers need to prepare a meal - from dry aged meats, produce, cheeses to beer and wine. The client’s goal was to develop the feeling of an old fashioned grocer with a sense of history, and a brand which had been through many generations. But it still needed a contemporary feel to reflect it's offering of meeting today’s busy consumer demands.

Woolston Market Branding Project - Q Brand Agency - Christchurch strategic advertising company New Zealand

The logo

To draw on the notion of years gone by, the logotype drew on the monogram concept - a motif made by overlapping or combining two or more letters or other graphemes to form one symbol. This idea was extended with the creation of a linked letter logo using the W and M of the main business name.

Woolston Marke SIgn

Woolston Market logo

Woolston Market window

Woolston Market 9

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Woolston Market packaging