Time to shine
Award Appliances Branding

Award Appliances have been established in NZ since 1946. Predominantly manufactured in Europe, and specified for the local environment, Award is sold in large retailers throughout the country. It was time for them to refresh their logo, and start to tell the story of their brand to kiwi's across the country.

The strategy

Having always sat under the radar, Award's objective was to not only increase their national brand awareness, but to position their brand in the 'value' segment - providing high quality products for an affordable price.

The Award customer knows they want to buy products that are quality, and that will perform and last. They want appliances which are reliable, and are experienced enough to have learnt that you buy to last. They want a brand which isn’t over-indulgent in terms of price, but which is reliable and dependable for her family.

Our branding and messaging needed to reflect this consumer and sell them the story that Award was perfect in their home.

The design

The typical Award customer has a love for cooking, family and entertaining.  They enjoy their home and family life, and have aspirations. 

The brand we created for Award appliances covered logo and brand identity through to full creative concept and execution, with the final campaign running across online, TV and magazine.

We created a friendly household brand, which was not only aspirational, but had an aspect of realism.  Down-to-earth, fresh, modern and distinctive.

The triangular device was also created to add something unique to the communication, and add a retail element to the brand.