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Kiwi Labels Collateral

The technique of print and its diversity, is often understated. The impression that a brand can make through the tone, visual execution and techniques used through printed collateral is now often overruled by the presence of online. But for a well-established printing business looking to expand their market and product range, it’s the essence of what they are about.

The strategy

Kiwi Labels wanted to make their presence felt in a growing New Zealand market - that of boutique wineries, craft brewers and craft food manufacturers.  Following the purchase of a specialised label maker that combines off-set print with digital, Kiwi Labels understood the part it played in helping boutique brands create their personality.

Wanting to stand behind it’s own product, we needed to showcase their print techniques in a special and unique sales piece.

This booklet not only presents itself as special, premium and memorable, but it uniquely showcases first hand all the techniques which can be printed on their customers’ labels.

The design

The bold use of colour, and the showcase of each special printing technique within their repertoire, we created and oversize booklet to allow customer to touch and feel the techniques they could utilise - first hand.

It not only delivered on the visual uniqueness, but the bright cover sleeve was designed to protect the booklet as it travelled the country in the back of the sales teams car.  

The piece was beautiful, tactile and practical.