Golden butter, crafted brand
Westgold Butter Brand

With a long-standing commitment to producing 100% New Zealand products by our country's second largest dairy co-operative, this beautiful NZ butter brand was no different. It needed to reflect the values of the Westgold brand – that of craftsmanship, tradition, purity and approachability.

The Strategy

From directing research throughout China, to developing the global brand proposition, logo and packaging, Q has been building the Westgold brand for the past three years. Our objective was to create a compelling cornerstone brand for Westland’s value-add product portfolio which supported the strong brand values, captivated consumers, had flexibility across multiple product categories and engaged distributors ‘globally’.

The brief was to create a unique New Zealand feel, and sitting in the mid-upper level of the butter market it also needed to portray tones of quality, naturalness and craftsmanship, whilst differentiating itself from other New Zealand and international brands in the category.

The Westgold butter brand is destined to be consumed by discerning consumers around the world including New Zealand, China, Australia and the Middle East. 

The design

The creation of the new Westgold logo mark and the values that sat in behind it, are as crafted as the products it represents.

This logo was completely hand-drawn then crafted and refined to align with the Westgold brand values of wisdom, craftsmanship, approachability and generational expertise, whilst ensuring it was strong and modern.

It also drew inspiration from the products it would represent. Milk, butter and nutrition portray a number of characteristics including buttery flavour, milky particles, melted butter, curls, flow and nourishment. These have been subtly considered in the development of the unique Westgold logo mark.

The packaging design uses the unique approach of iconic native New Zealand flora & fauna to help portray authentic New Zealand characteristics. The crafted element of the brand values continues through to the hand-illustrated New Zealand Tui bird and Toetoe plant.  The down-to-earth and unassuming approach to these illustrations has assisted in portraying a modern, yet authentic and crafted feel to the packs.  

The design is deliberately clean to reinforce this modern feel, and the use of monotone imagery pays a subtle homage to the New Zealand ‘silver fern’ icon.