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Our clients say it all the time, and it’s one of the reasons they love to work with us: “the team at Q are a part of our team”. We work in partnership with our clients, and working this closely with you means that we anticipate your needs even before you do. Some might call it foresight; we call it doing our job properly.

We’re not the largest agency in town, but it enables us to run a team almost entirely full of senior people. And we don’t believe in half-heartedness. We love what we do, and we love seeing our clients’ brands develop, grow and achieve.

Q has been built on accountability, integrity, honesty and character. These values mean that from deadlines to confidential information, campaign success to invoicing, you’re guaranteed transparency at every level.

We look forward to bringing your vision to life.


Right – so you’ve decided to work with Q. It’s over to us now. Before we even think about design, we make it our business to know your business. We’ll talk with people across your organisation, but more importantly, we’ll listen. We will find those useful little nuggets of wisdom hidden in the depths of your company.

Then, to use us to your best advantage, have us join your work in progress meetings, and consider our client service team a part of your marketing team. We know many of our clients so well, we often write creative briefs for them. More often than not, our familiarity with your business means we nail it.

You know your market. Work with Q, and we’ll make sure we know what makes it tick.


We’re passionate about creating brands for our clients that stand the test of time. By sitting down to listen, we’ll work with you to produce enduring design work which may well remain in the market for several years.

Through our 20 years in business, Q has gained a stellar reputation for design which is strategic, thought-out and deliberate. There’s a sound rationale behind every aspect of the work we present to you, encompassing audience, readability, strategic alignment, brand longevity, and some good old common sense.

This considered process has earned us more than our fair share of awards. But there’s no ego here. We are simply exacting about producing designs and advertising which are right for our client, and for your brand.



Westland and Q Brand Agency have worked together for over four years and in that time Q have become our trusted go-to team for all our marketing activities. The work we’ve done together has included annual report delivery, award-winning company rebranding, multilingual collateral development across print and film, a from-scratch website redesign and more recently consumer brand development.

Tania has a high calibre, yet down to earth team who always work collaboratively with us and our other agencies (including offshore ones) to deliver great results. Q Brand are a pleasure to work with and an integral part of the wider Westland team.

Charlotte Sullivan
Head of Marketing
(Marketing, branding, identity, website, packaging)


Since you pitched to become our branding agency in 2006 you have, year on year, produced some of the most impactful campaigns the arts and events world has seen on the most
limited of resources. Your openness to input and creative delivery is something that, as a client, I am most grateful for and keeps me coming back eager to see the next year’s campaigns and what you have come up with.

At each turn you are there ready to assist and offer your time and resources to help a small organisation punch well above its weight.

Adam Hayward
Artistic Director
(Branding, identity, creative, advertising)

City Council

I had the pleasure of dealing with Q Brand Agency on several projects during my time as Marketing Advisor at Christchurch City Council. The projects involved kerbside rubbish
collection, water conservation and building consents – all challenging marketing projects with a range of objectives and parameters.

Q Brand Agency always impressed me with their ability to ask searching questions, identify the core issues and ultimately deliver a creative outcome that nailed the brief. Furthermore all of the staff were extremely professional and driven to provide customer service and
customer outcomes.

I have no hesitation in recommending Q Brand Agency.

Shane Adcock
Former Marketing Advisor
(Branding, creative, advertising)


I have had the pleasure of working with Q since 2007 in a variety of capacities, for the most part as a client. In my role at Christchurch International Airport Ltd, I worked closely with Q to the develop a unique street-level campaign designed to attract attention to New Zealand as a holiday destination in the crowded Australian cosmopolitan market. The campaign’s success was due in a large part to the ownership taken by the Q team to ensure every detail was nailed down and taken care of. The creative was second to none, but it was the integrity and passion of the team, which meant that I was assured of the best result right from the start.

I’ve since worked with the Q team on a number of projects and it remains their strategic sense of direction, their innate understanding of brand and their genuine interest in the best
outcomes for their clients which I believe set them apart. I would have no hesitation in recommending Q to prospective clients.

Chelsea Halliwell
Director / Former Marketing Manager Christchurch International Airport
(Creative, advertising)

& Canterbury

Working with Q is easy. Over the past year we've presented them with a number of different briefs and projects and nothing is ever too hard...even when it's something we needed done yesterday. Q have a very integrated approach which means they have really got to know all aspects of the company and can therefore anticipate our needs before we even know them!

We've been impressed with the consistently high-quality of Q's innovative problem solving, creativity and production and looking forward to continuing our work with them.

Sheena Crawford
Consumer Marketing Executive
(Branding, identity, creative, advertising, online)


Over the past 8 years Q Brand have been instrumental in helping to establish SKOPE as the most recognised brand in our product category across Australasia. The positioning developed 8 years ago is as relevant today to our market and family values as is was then.

Throughout our relationship we have been continually impressed with the level of service, great product knowledge and consistency of high calibre work Q Brand have produced.

Natalie Taylor
Marketing Manager
(Branding, identity, creative, advertising, online)