Q is a carefully curated group of senior brand strategists and designers. Many of our team have been with us for a decade, some for more than two. Quality matters to our clients, and it matters to us.

Outside of our busy agency, however, life matters too. Those decades of experience have proven that life is for living, and we tend to work with people who grab it with both hands and give it a good shake.
Tania  Q Brand Agency New Zealand branding agency

Tania Biddles

Managing Director Tania Biddles heads up the Q team. Having come from client side, her management and marketing experience includes leading a team with one of the world’s largest cosmetic companies. She has since worked in both the marketing and advertising worlds in Australia and New Zealand, and has overseen the delivery of all aspects of the agency since 2004. Tania also sits on the Board of the Cholmondeley Children's Centre.

Tania’s best meetings start and finish with good coffee, and when she’s not running around after her ‘energetic’ young boys, she enjoys a little ‘me time’ on her mountain bike in the Port Hills.

Robert new

Robert Jamieson

Our Creative Director Robert Jamieson is the ultimate influence at Q. Having been at Q since its inception, his work has won numerous awards.

Never taking any project lightly, Robert’s design process is specific, thought out and thorough. He creates work that stands the test of time, perfected at every stage. We reckon he’s one of a kind, and one of the best in the industry. Although he really wouldn’t like us saying that.

Robert’s design tastes perhaps stem from his enjoyment of the finer things in life. From good beer and fine wine, great food and music, to art, theology and a good conversation, there’s nothing second rate about this man’s taste.

Q Brand Agency Jo Tupai Creagh photo - Our latest Strategic Team member - Christchurch marketing company

Jo Tupai-Creagh

Jo brings a strong background in marketing and digital communications to her role as Strategic Account Director. Her track record for building successful brands is impeccable, and she has become our digital guru, with Google certification. What Jo doesn’t know about digital marketing isn’t worth knowing. She provides exceptional attention to detail on every project and searches out growth opportunities for our clients wherever they exist.

Never-fail conversation starters with Jo include ‘what’s for dinner’ and digging for detail on her newly built house. She heads along to gigs frequently to support her guitar-wielding hubby in his band and keeps in touch with her UK friends on Facetime with an enormous cup of tea.

Sara new

Sara Munro

As a Strategic Account Director, Sara’s ultimate goal is to make our clients' lives easier, and add value to the needs of their day-to-day marketing requirements. Having spent seven years as one of our clients, she knows us well, but also understands the nuances of working in a fast-paced, demanding client-side environment. From strategic marketing advice and communications, to media recommendations and social strategy, she's works directly with our clients as an integral part of their business, helping to build their brands.

A busy toddler keeps Sara on her toes, balanced by some very healthy Netflix binging when he’s off to bed.

Q Brand Agency Kathryn final

Kathryn McCurrie

Kathryn is one of our Senior Designers, working across print and digital. She has years of experience working across varied industries, but what sets her apart is her unique ability to understand the true outcome of design. She understands that design is about creating the right message, targeted to the appropriate audience, in a way they will understand and engage with. In the online space, Kathryn’s unique grasp of user experience and interactions enables a design-centric approach and really hits the mark.

Kathryn's speedy three year old keeps her fit, and yoga fills the gaps.

Emma 400x400

Emma East

Emma is one of our Senior Designers. She designs with purpose and with an understanding of our clients that brings a sense of elegance, simplicity and functionality to every project. After several years working for software companies in New Zealand and London, Emma is now relishing working agency side and diversifying her brand knowledge.

Emma enjoys tea. Plenty of it. That, and jumping on the bike, meandering (clockwise) through art galleries, and reading crime thrillers at bedtime, are the secrets to Emma’s happiness.

Leisa  Christchurch marketing company Q Brand Agency NZ

Leisa Jamieson

Leisa’s the support behind our creative team, making sure every element of a project is rolled out in strict alignment with the brand or campaign guidelines. She’s agile and speedy, and knows how to work at just the right pace to deliver on our client’s deadlines.

Perhaps that speedy work is driven just a little by coffee, the only way to delineate the time of the day, in Leisa’s world. Breakfast? Coffee. Morning tea? Coffee. Lunch? Coffee. A walk up the hill? Coffee. You get the picture.

Kayla SampleCrop

Kayla Bell

Kayla is one of our newest team members, and also one of our youngest. She has an eye for beautiful, fresh design and style, and a passion for typography and playfulness. She says the more fun she has with her design, the more positively people tend to respond to it.

Kayla works hard to create design which is simpler, smarter, and communicative.

When she’s not in the office, you’ll find Kayla checking out one of the latest hospitality offerings around the city, getting her daily dose of motivation whether through caffeine or a really good ol’ gin cocktail.

Q Brand Agency Aaron Ball  - New Zealand branding agency - Q Brand Agency

Aaron Ball

Websites don’t just happen; they need a really clever developer in behind them. Aaron heads up our web development team. Whilst he has over a decade of web development experience, his solutions, to even the curliest of client requirements, are always at the leading edge of what is happening on the web today.

A drive to explore and master the newest technology combined with a passion for the outdoors explains why you're just as likely to find Aaron out on his paddle-board in the middle of Akaroa Bay, being followed by his drone; or scuba diving with the seals in Kaikoura, GoPro in hand, as you are to find him back in his home office editing together footage of his recent adventures.


Kirsten Laurie

Kirsten is our administration guru and an indispensable part of our team. She keeps our team on the straight and narrow when it comes to paperwork, invoicing and paying the GST.

She brings an amazing smile to the office, whilst whizzing around sorting us all out - thanks Kirsten!