A celebration of people and place
Eden Park Community Campaign

While visiting his favourite café in the local neighbourhood, Nick Sautner, Eden Park CEO, was captivated by an exhibition featuring the faces and people of Kingsland, by local photographer Lee Howell. Nick wanted to extend this project into Eden Park to tell the stories of their own people.

The strategy

Eden Park wanted to create a campaign which would engage the community and tell the story of a brand and place which added so much to people’s lives all around the world. They wanted to personalise their brand, and create a persona outside of just it's bricks and mortar. 

And so the “Our Neighbourhood” campaign was formed - a partnership between Lee Howell, Q Brand Agency, the team at Eden Park and those who embrace the stadium.   This brand started with a photographic exhibition through the walls and halls of Eden Park, to celebrate community, place and a passion for sport through the eyes of their team, supporters, local business and neighbourhood.

Open to the community for one special day, then built on over time, the exhibition idea was a first in the world. It was about the stories, triumphs, history and honour of Eden Park, through the eyes of those who loved the stadium.  Whether it was a story of the man who first stood outside Eden Park in 1966 for the Lions Tour, or a business who succeeded because of its association with the Park, they were real, and our job was to bring them to life, and tell them to the wider community.  They were the Eden Park 'neighbourhood', and they were important. 

The creative

After several months of learning the stories behind the people of Eden Park including staff, neighbours, fans and suppliers, we launched 'Our Neighbourhood' - a celebrate of the people behind this iconic New Zealand stadium.

We met, interviewed, and wrote stories for each of the amazing 25 people who fronted the exhibition. From a front of house waiter, to the groundsman, and young boy who thought Richie McCaw was the be-all and end-all of his rugby passion. And what we learnt? That this stadium is special to people not only in NZ, but around the world. It’s loved, on many bucket lists, in many conversations at the dinner table, and a Saturday night occasion for many residents locally. Our job was to ensure these stories were told, and recognised.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime project. The exhibition featured over 100 images through the walls and halls of Eden Park for 12 months.  A celebration of community, place and a passion for sport through the eyes of Eden's Park's team, supporters, local businesses and neighbours.  We then extended the messages so that the Park and all those involved in it’s success could be part of the “our Eden Park” neighbourhood movement.