A competitive FMCG environment, combined with a brand which has traditionally stayed under the radar creates one exciting opportunity to make an impact. This campaign is taking place right now, through 100% online and social media. We were deliberately bold, but with an inclusive and genuine tone to all messaging. The results have been phenomenal - more than we could ever have expected. See below to learn more.

Exotic Food Project - Q Brand Agency New Zealand branding and strategic marketing company Christchurch

Execution & Results

This campaign has been created on a very modest budget, and a very targeted strategy has been required - but its getting amazing results. Seen across online advertising, YouTube, and Facebook, this campaign has seen results we could only have dreamed of.


“Facebook likes increased from 500 to over 6000, YouTube interaction was nearly 20%, CTR online was double the industry average, and Facebook engagement has increased by levels off the scale - phenomenal results.”

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