Taking the world by storm
Fund.ID Brand Identity

A project which started without a name, logo, or brand, just an extremely exciting idea, and a software platform that was going to take the world by storm. We sat alongside this expanding Australian technology business to start something exciting, and position them as as the go-to technology platform for investor application software - the latest innovation in the space of funds management.

The strategy

The brand Fund.ID was created as a short, easy to remember name that would work across a variety of markets including the USA, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.  

We knew that this brand would be unique because of the innovation behind the product, but it needed to stand out and carve it's position amongst the competition.

Innovative, tech, new-age, dynamic and fresh was the brief.  With the initial launch in USA, the brand now aims to go global.

The design

This brand brought together a number of design elements to ensure it would be successful, primarily in the US market, but also throughout across the global financial industry.

The 3-bar device not only formed the logo, but also became part of the overall brand platform to portray it's financial purpose.  Our team then used this device through the creative execution, coupled with the colours representing the US market, to bring together a brand which ticked every box for a staged launch.

Fresh and unique, whilst being appropriate to a fairly conservative market and industry, has meant this brand has been able to showcase a world of difference in the online application software market.