A game-changer
Māia Health Foundation Brand

The Māia Health Foundation is a game-changing project, with the purpose of improving our health services in Canterbury through enhancing the facilities it provides. From children's facility improvements to make the stay for children and their families at the hospital 'even better’, to an extra large helipad to ensure more critical injuries can be accommodated at one time - this project is destined to make a real difference.

The strategy

With the brand values of brave and courageous, nurturing and holistic, transformative, responsible and irresistible we knew we needed to create a brand which was bold, confident, fresh and alive.

Our design needed to be robust and campaignable, with the strength to cut through a very crowded fundraising market. Respect to the Māori culture was imperative, but needed to be combined with a modern European approach.

The Māia brand was created and executed with a focus on the various lifecycles the brand could take. From an initial teaser communication strategy to get them noticed and sew the seed of something big coming, to the final ‘asks’ required for the projects being funded for.

The execution

The brand we created was strong, modern, flexible and diverse enough for its many audiences. The bold use of colour, with strong typography and graphical devices has allowed this brand to stand out, be noticed and cut through a very crowded market.  

The logo mark was developed through combining the layout of a pixel display grid with the grid of a Maori Pātikitiki (a pattern used on tukutuku panels, kits and mats, originating from the binding of framework timbers of houses.) This combined pattern then became the basis of the logotype’s word symbol.   The grid was dissected and rotated to form each letter of the Māia graphical forms, which comprise the logo.

The blue colour chosen was incorporated to depict a modern yet friendly tone. It has a relationship to the medical sector whilst portraying trust, freshness and a bright future.

And of course having the privilege to work with the most amazing ambassadors in Brendan McCullum, Bic Runga and Jake Bailey just added to the specialness of this project.